Who We Are

We are Harris Horizons (H2), a newly formed entity of Harris Computer Systems focused on delivering complementary products and services to Harris’ extensive customer base.

Our Mission

At Harris Horizons, we seek to grow and manage a portfolio of companies who provide superior solutions to our evolving markets.

Our Vision

At H2, we reinvest our earnings into new initiatives that generate forward thinking products and business acquisitions that allow us to grow and remain competitive.

Our operations can be classified under four pillars:

  • Our Initiatives team innovates single solutions that address the developing needs of our customers.
  • Our Partnerships team develops strategic relationships, acting as a gateway for partner solutions into the Harris Community through our existing customer base.
  • Our Acquisitions team is focused on adding companies to our portfolio that deepen our existing offerings and explore opportunities within new verticals.
  • Our Business Units offer products, services and best practices to our markets.

At Harris Horizons we create and manage a group of complementary companies which offer a suite of all-encompassing solutions to our dynamic markets.

Learn more about our Partner Ecosystem.

Learn more about our business units.